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Wild Lily Artisan Fibers
Loveland, Colorado
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Wool Stories
  1. Pace & Presence:  Practice Makes Perfect
    Pace & Presence:  Practice Makes Perfect As I entered 2017 with hopes of organization and creative accomplishment I quickly realized that God had an entirely different plan.  And I didn’t like it much.  That zen moment of a clean maker space with twinkly lights and a good podcast, goals of daily exercising and PT, collaborative projects with other fiberistas here and abroad, and dreams of finally writing…POOF.    You’ve been there…or you’ll get there.  (Sorry – the truth hurts.)   It’s
  2. 4 The Heart Wants What it Wants - Wild Lily Wool Stories
    The Heart Wants What it Wants - Wild Lily Wool Stories - 4  I don’t know who said that first but truer truth I’ve never know.  So…you try to bloom where you are planted.  You try to make new dreams – but at the end of the day, the week, the month, the year – the heart wants what it wants and there is no denying.  After a few years our gorgeous suburban house was on the market and we were just going for it!  We had to get out on land again.  Now, buying land in Colorado is a pretty
  3. 3 An Unexpected Storm - Wild Lily Wool Stories
    An Unexpected Storm  AKA Shit Happens – Wild Lily Wool Stories  If you revere the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis elegance-at-all-costs philosophy, my title likely made you cringe.  Forgive me.  Sometimes you must create your own levity or you will be crushed under the weight of your reality. Remember that “Dream Big, Try Hard, Hope Always” card I felt I needed?  Um…yeah.  Something terribly unexpected happened on that road to nowhere…I got really, really, really sick.  It started about 3 months
  4. 2 There is a Season - Wild Lily Wool Stories
    There is a Season – Wild Lily Wool Stories 2 In 2011 I found myself moved into town from my little farm.   While I knew deep down that our decision was a good one, the pain pressed into my soul and left me numb.  Who would I be now that (it seemed) my dreams were gone?  I went from being on a first-name basis with the folks at ACE and Agland to starting over in the ‘burbs.  Instead of seeing horsewomen or the guys moving water pass my windows, I saw sophisticated moms pushing jog